How Laser Comb Works


Laser comb is one of the latest technology for health and beauty. The laser comb manufacturers claim that the laser therapy help hair regrowth simply by combing your hair with the laser lights on. Is it only promotional words or true fact? You can find here honest review on laser comb because we are not selling anything here including customer testimonies about this tool.

Laser comb does it work? How does it works? It works by stimulating the scalp, activating blood circulation and eventually helps hair regrowth. However, one should never forget, that there are several causes of hair loss and not of the cases can be solved with laser comb.

Before you decide to use laser comb, it’s better to ask to physician who specializes in hair loss treatment to run blood tests or skin biopsies. By this you can understand what is the main cause of your hair problem and is it laser comb will solve it.

These are few cases where laser comb may help you:

– In the case of traction alopecia. It happen when you did hairstyles that force you make tight hair like corn rows and braiding.
– Loose anagen syndrome is a condition that is causing hair loss. The laser hair comb could help this.

You can purchase laser comb online for $300 -500. It’s better if you read for customer testimonies before you decide to buy it.


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